Special Worship Experiences

Throughout the year we host a number of special worship service experiences for the congregation and community. You can look forward to these very special opportunities to engage in unique worship. Please check the calendar for specifics of each event.

Crossroads True Love Concert

The Crossroads Student Choir hosts this special evening each year near Valentine’s Day in preparation for their summer choir tour and mission trip. Music for the tour is presented, and the evening also serves as a fundraising event toward the cost of the summer trip.

Palm Sunday

A dramatic presentation of the Lord’s Passion week is presented each Palm Sunday. While the story never changes, creative new ways to communicate the story are introduced each year, ranging from music to drama to art and media. It’s always a fresh worship experience as we remember the sacrifice for us.


Easter is certainly a time of hope and celebration. Jesus’ resurrection is so central to our faith that we always add extra worship times as we enjoy larger-than-normal crowds.

National Day of Prayer

In support of the annual NDOP efforts to blanket our nation in prayer, we encourage our congregation to participate by coming to the church throughout the day. We make the Worship Center and prayer guides available for a time of personal intercession on behalf of our nation in a quiet, worshipful setting.

Mother’s Day

Let’s face it—moms are special! We love to honor the ministry of mothers as our Made for Praise children’s choirs [link to m4p?] lead us in worship on this special Sunday. 

Senior Sunday

Reaching high school graduation is such a significant accomplishment, we recognize the work of our graduating seniors near the end of each school year. It’s an opportunity for them to recognize the ministry, investment, and influence of their parents and other mentors. At the same time, it allows us celebrate together God’s faithfulness to them and pray His rich blessings over their transition into the next phase of their lives.

Patriotic Celebration

First Hurst is definitely a patriotic place. As we approach Independence Day in July, we love to praise God for his favor upon our nation. In the midst of patriotic musical selections, we also recognize those who have and are currently serving in our military. This is always a time when we’re proud to be Americans.


The Worship & Creative Arts Ministry hosts a unique worship experience during the Christmas season. Ranging in format from a dinner theater to a combined concert with our choirs and special guest artists, the OneLife event is a great time to reach One Life with the special message of hope found in our Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Eve

Not to be missed among your family’s Christmas traditions, the First Hurst Christmas Eve candlelight worship service is perhaps the most tender time of worship we enjoy all year long. There are opportunities throughout the afternoon and evening to gather with others in a special celebration of God’s greatest gift, concluding with “Silent Night” sung by candlelight.