Marriage Mentoring FAQ

Find out what Marriage Mentoring is all about.

What is Marriage Mentoring?

One of the most effective ways to make a good marriage great and a struggling marriage strong is by getting involved in marriage mentoring. Here, Mentor and Mentee Couples consistently spend time together as couples, sharing each other’s life experiences and learning more about God and His design for marriage. Mentee Couples are paired with certified mentor couples after first completing an online information form, taking an online relationship and personality assessment and meeting with a member from the Marriage Mentoring Leadership Team. Both Mentor and Mentee Couples that have completed the mentoring process give powerful testimonies of how meeting regularly with another couple completely enriched or restored their marriage.

Who is Marriage Mentoring for?

Marriage mentoring is for every couple. You can be matched with a Mentor Couple as newlyweds, as new parents, for enrichment, or for restoration in your marriage. Mentor Couples are certified after attending a comprehensive training designed to effectively equip and support them as they come alongside another married couple who is seeking help and encouragement for their marriage.  We partner with Strong Marriages for support, training and curriculum.

How long are couples matched together? 

We ask that Mentee and Mentor Couples commit to working together for at least one year, meeting twice a month.

What are the steps to becoming a Mentee Couple?

The Mentee Couple is a husband and wife who want their marriage to be different and believe they are ready and willing to change. Mentee Couples can also be an engaged couples with a strong desire to learn more in order to begin their marriage with more tools and a strong, biblical foundation.

The Mentee Couple journey looks something like this:

  1. The Mentee Couple requests mentoring by completing the online Mentee Application.
  2. The Ministry Coordinator will contact the couple with more information about the the mentoring process and the commitment involved. The costs for one year of mentoring, a Couple’s Assessment, and all materials is $150 per couple. Payment plans are available if needed.
  3. The Mentee Couple will complete an online assessment and be matched with their Mentor Couple.

What are the steps to becoming a Mentor Couple?

A Mentor Couple is a husband and wife trained to come alongside another couple seeking enrichment in their marriage. Mentor Couples should demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a sincere desire to help couples build strong biblical foundations for marriage, and a willingness to share of their time, energy, and life experiences with their Mentee Couple. These couples are agents used by the Holy Spirit to impart biblical truths and introduce new tools that Mentee Couples can use while facing common marital struggles. Marriage Mentors are not counselors, but they are passionate about enriching and restoring marriages.

The Mentor Couple journey looks something like this:

  1. Mentor Couples request to be a part of this ministry by completing the online Mentor Application.
  2. The couple will meet face-to-face with the Ministry Coordinator to discuss the mentoring process, the commitment involved, and next steps.
  3. Mentor Couples are trained in a one-day workshop.
  4. Mentors complete the online assessment.
  5. Mentors are certified by Ministry Coordinators.
  6. Mentors are paired with Mentees as needed.
  7. Mentors receive ongoing support with other mentors and through the Mentor Support System (MSS).

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