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Constitution and Bylaws

Proposed Amendments 2018

The Constitution and Bylaws of First Baptist Church of Hurst were last updated in 2005, yet much of the content of the documents has remained unchanged for multiple generations. During that long time, our church has strategically adapted to accommodate and address our numerical growth, cultural shifts, available technologies, and future planning. With that in mind, multiple areas of our Constitution and Bylaws have been identified as needing rewording, updating, or removal. With the recommendation of legal counsel, this document includes those needed changes. In the pages that follow, you’ll find that the proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Modernized language for readability and understanding
  • Updated procedures to allow for current best practices
  • Additions to our Articles of Faith to address a biblical stance on emerging cultural issues
  • Allowance for the possibility of an adapted senior leadership model


The pages below compare the proposed amendments side-by-side with our current Constitution and Bylaws. As you look at each 2-page spread, you’ll find the proposed updated documents on the left with a “PROPOSED” watermark, while the original (current) documents will be on the right. In order to make it easier to compare the proposed documents with the original documents in a side-by-side format, extra blank space has been added where needed to keep sections aligned. In some areas, entire pages have been left blank as necessary to maintain sectional alignment. This is intentional.

In the proposed documents, proposed changes are noted for you as follows:

red # – indicates where content has been removed
Please note that removed content may be only a single character or as much as multiple paragraphs. Refer to the original document on the right to see the actual removed content.

green text – indicates added content


Our schedule for the church’s consideration of the proposed amendments is as follows:

Sunday, 5/13/18 – Business meeting during morning services to announce the proposal and schedule for amending the Constitution and Bylaws.  Proposed amendments made available to the congregation in print and online.

Wednesday, 5/23/18, 6:30pm – Forum for church membership to discuss proposed amendments

Sunday, 6/17/18 – Business meeting during morning services to vote on proposed amendments


You may find the following documents easier to compare in printed form. The links below may be used to download pdf versions of the documents for printing.

Proposed Constitution and Bylaws

Original (current) Constitution and Bylaws