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We exist to glorify God and make disciples by demonstrating personal stories of grace, redemption, and restoration across generations and cultures.


Guiding generations and cultures in God’s story of transforming grace


  • GOD: There is only one true living God, who eternally exists as three Persons…Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Genesis 1:1)
  • SCRIPTURE: The Bible is God’s perfect, trustworthy, inspired and infallible Word, which conveys His love, plan and expectations for each person. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  • MAN: Man is the special creation of God, made in His own image to glorify God in all things. (Genesis 1:26-31) 
  • SIN: The world is fallen, and all humanity is separated from God because of sin. (Genesis 3:1-24; Romans 3:23)
  • JESUS: Jesus Christ is the virgin born Son of God, fully God and fully man, absolutely perfect. (Matthew 1:18-25) Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead, appeared to many, and ascended to heaven. (1 Corinthians 15:1-8)
  • THE HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, seals at conversion, gifts, guides, and empowers the believer and the church (John 16:5-15; Ephesians 1:13; Acts 1:8).
  • SALVATION: Salvation is a free gift of God made available to all whom place faith in Jesus Christ. (John 3:16, Romans 10:9, Ephesians 2:8-9) All people who place faith in Jesus Christ will spend eternity with God in His Kingdom, and all people who do not place faith in Jesus Christ will spend eternity in hell. (Matthew 25:1-46, John 5:24, Revelation 20:11-15)
  • THE CHURCH: The Church is the bride of Christ (made up of baptized believers in Him) whose function is to glorify God by building up one another and fulfilling the mission of God in the world by being light in the darkness. (Acts 2:42, Matthew 28:19-20)
  • BAPTISM: Christian baptism is the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, symbolizing the believer's faith in the Savior. (Acts 2:36-41, Romans 6:4)
  • THE LORD’S SUPPER: The Lord's Supper is a symbolic act of obedience whereby members of the church, through partaking of the bread and the fruit of the vine, memorialize the death of the Redeemer and anticipate His second coming. (1 Corinthians 11:23-29)
  • JESUS’ SECOND COMING: Christ is returning soon; each person will be held accountable and therefore should be ready for His arrival.  (Matthew 24:1-51, 25:1-46) 


As a church body, and as individuals, we strive to see every believer participate in these activities.

Core Values

The Gospel as demonstrated by...

  • Applying a Gospel-driven lens to life and ministry 
  • Sharing visually and verbally the good news of Jesus Christ 
  • Making disciples who make disciples
  • Meeting needs locally and globally

Ethnic Diversity as demonstrated by...

  • Reflecting our changing community
  • Welcoming people from all backgrounds
  • Participating with God in transforming NE Tarrant County & beyond

Biblical Community as demonstrated by...

  • Enjoying life together in authentic relationships
  • Providing a place of redemption, refuge and healing
  • Encouraging one another in spiritual growth
  • Praying and caring for one another

The Family as demonstrated by...

  • Valuing every generation
  • Partnering with parents by synchronizing the efforts of the home and the church
  • Journeying with individuals and families through every stage of life


We believe a fully-devoted follower of Christ will...

Confess Jesus as Savior and Lord as modeled by believing in him, receiving his gift of eternal life, and uniting with the church through baptism.
Celebrate through worship as modeled by encountering God through music, teaching, praying, giving, and serving.
Connect in authentic relationships as modeled by loving, supporting and challenging one another.
Contribute to God's work as modeled by serving through the church and by giving tithes and offerings out of obedience and trust in God.
Communicate your faith story as modeled by sharing the gospel through what God has done for you.
Cultivate Christ-likeness as modeled by developing and following a personal plan for daily spiritual growth.


Meet our pastoral staff who lead the congregation.

Senior Pastor
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Worship & Creative Arts
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Missions & Mature Adults
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Adults & River Trails
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Sometime before 1884, nine people organized what later became the First Baptist Church of Hurst near the community of Bransford, a few miles northwest of Bedford. The church was originally called the Pleasant Run Baptist Church, and the congregation met in an old log cabin.

In 1884 this congregation united with other small community churches and built a church in Bedford. Twenty years later, Tom Hurst and Elbert Souder acquired land on present-day Highway 10 in Hurst, and in 1908 the Bedford church moved to that property. Church members tore down their building plank by plank and rebuilt it on the new property, keeping the cost of the move to about $100. The original pulpit was kept and used by the church until 1953. The site is presently occupied by a machine shop and is across from the former South Hurst School.

In 1936 the church moved to a new location at what is now Highway 10 and Holder Drive to make way for the construction of Highway 183. The church remained there for 53 years, during which time the church fully utilized its five-acre site with additional buildings that increased the capacity of the worship facilities to accommodate 1,300 people and provided needed educational and recreational facilities.

Church leaders, realizing that the city's growth was to the north, took a bold step in April 1983, by establishing a second location in the northern section of Hurst. That was a unique concept--one church in two locations. That small congregation worshipped in the cafeteria at Bedford Junior High School until August 1985, when a new, modern worship center was opened and dedicated near the intersection of Norwood Drive and Harwood Road. A second building phase added needed educational and office facilities, and the congregation continued to grow. In July 1989, First Baptist sold its property on Highway 10 and moved its entire staff and all its programs to the northern location where it continues to be a light in the Mid-Cities area.

In September, 2013, the church became one church on two campuses, as we launched a second campus in the River Trails community, immediately south of Hurst. Meeting initially in the River Trails Elementary School facility, this campus serves to help the people of the River Trails neighborhoods worship, connect, grow, and serve, as they live on mission.

The First Baptist Church of Hurst believes that its position in the community is to be a safe and secure place where people are challenged and changed for their good and God's glory. The church challenges each member to be true disciples of the Lord and continues to guide generations and cultures in God's story of transforming grace.

First Steps

Still have questions? Find out more about First Hurst at the next First Steps class. This enlightening course led by our Senior Pastor takes place in a friendly, small-class setting. Lasting approximately 2 hours, it is designed to help both guests and new members become informed about and involved in the life of First Hurst. In addition to informative topics like Who We Are, How We Function, Where We're Going, and What We Offer, you'll also hear from the members of our pastoral staff team. They will each share about the area of ministry for which they are responsible, generally and briefly explaining philosophy, strategies, and needs.

Childcare is provided during First Steps for children up to 12 years of age (advanced registration is helpful). Because the class spans the typical dining hour, we will provide a meal for you. Throughout the class time, light snacks, drinks, and coffee are available as well. Note also that you'll be encouraged to visit our First Steps "give away" table and help yourself to a variety of gifts and practical resources.

We schedule this course 5-6 times each year. While registration is not required in order to attend, it does help us tremendously to know in advance how many to expect. You can register for an upcoming First Steps event by simply contacting Russell Maddox to inform him of your plans to attend. Please include information about children who will need childcare during the event.